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Pier and Beam Repairs


Proven Experts in Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and beam foundation repair can help mitigate a plethora of issues. Southern Foundation Repair helps you maintain and augment the value of one of your most costly investments: your home.

Southern Foundation Repair has mastered the pier and beam foundation, and we can help get your home back to a lasting stability. We back all of our pier and beam work with a lifetime warranty

Pier and Beam Basics

A pier and beam foundation is also known as a post and beam or pier foundation is made of treated wood posts that sit atop formed concrete piers which are poured and set in the ground. These structures bear a home’s weight. Pier and beam foundations are better suited for smaller structures and can work well with homes that build up rather than out. For, instance, a home design that intends to have a higher viewpoint or more stories might be best constructed using a pier foundation, whereas the more costly option of concrete slab foundations are better for sprawling homes that have wide profiles.

Pier and beam foundations tend to have simpler builds. These wood and concrete structures are often less expensive than other options such as pad foundations. Pier and beam foundations do not withstand earthquakes as well as other foundation options, nor do these structures perform well in high winds. A signature feature of pier-based foundations is the crawl space that exists under the living space of the home. These spaces can often be the source of various issues for homeowners, due to moisture from a number of sources and pests, such as termites. Crawl spaces provide easy access for excess water and unwanted inhabitants, such as insects and rodents. If not properly sealed, a crawl space can become a homeowner’s worst enemy.

Pier and beam foundations are used in more-demanding soil environments where stability is important. Pier and beam foundations are more secure in shifting soils because of the depth at which they are placed. The anchors or bases of a pier and beam foundation are footings. Footings are made of rebar reinforced cement or an aggregate. Piers, sometimes called posts, are placed on the footings. This allows for a crawl space beneath the house. Piers or posts are most often a type of pressure-treated wood.

Our Process

We don’t just patch a home’s foundation problems, we replace them with solid foundation solutions. Southern Foundation Repair takes out existing piers and beams. We replace these new piers and beams. We place new footings 24 inches below ground. We then form new piers on the concrete footings with sono tubes, rebar and concrete. The beams rest on piers or stem walls. We make sure every single job we do is structurally sound and done to the highest standard. While some contractors cut corners, we refuse to do inferior work.


Southern Foundation Repair serves the Austin, TX and San Antonio, TX areas as well as most of Central Texas, including San Marcos, Austin, Temple, Belton, Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park and many more cities in the Hill Country region.

Why Southern Foundation Repair?

1. We provide homeowners with a free foundation inspection.
2. We also provide Free Quotes for foundation repairs.
3. We offer discounts to veterans, teachers seniors.
4. On-site supervisors are trained experts with deep experience.
5. We are insured for your peace of mind.
6. We minimize the impact on your yard and landscaping.
7. Financing is available to qualified customers
8. We are a family-owned business, with roots in Texas.

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Randy and his crew are truly capable contractors. He walked me through the whole process and explained every aspect of my home’s pier and beam issues in detail. I was able to sell the house and give the new owners peace of mind. Thanks, guys!

Eric Simmons

Homeowner - Temple TX